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We Still Have A Dream




“We still have a DREAM”


August 29th 1963 - August 29th 2018 


  • Music by Sonny King
  • Lyrics & Voices by Sonny King & Pietro Nannucci
  • Recording, Mixing and Video by Skymount Studios Greensboro NC


55 years ago, in our nation’s capital, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., shared his milestone speech with the world.  His speech is still relevant today and should be used as a beacon of light as we continue to strive for peace and harmony among all.  Even in these troubled times we can look to his words and his “Dream” to feel a sense of hope and determination. We do not just want to remember Dr King’s mission and his life’s work to achieve equality and equal opportunities for all.  Our vision is to continue his work and reinforce his message, as it has an even greater value today, because the divisions are no longer just race alone, black vs. white or the color of the skin, but much wider: religion, ethnicity, sex orientation and much more.


We decided to use music, words and images to express our vision and our belief. We collaborated to make a song with the hope that many would join us in our efforts for a better future, a better world. But, most importantly for the future generations. 


Our organization is not well known yet and we are aware we cannot change the world alone! 

Join us and help us, we only ask you to share this video, song and its message because we are sure that many of you still have a DREAM.


Thank you,

Franco Nannucci

Founder & Artistic Director


Sonny King 

“God is my savior …Music is my life"...that’s how Sonny King describes himself, a true passion for music. He's a artist but a musician first. Though pro-tools certified and a professional studio engineer King got his start as a musician. Playing in bands, choirs and groups as a drummer and pianist since the age of 8 in his hometown Martinsville, Virginia. In 2005 he started a Hip Hop group "The Family" that quickly gained fame in the Va and Nc area. Three years later a Dj by the name of Green Lantern heard the young rappers music and placed his single on a mix tape to help him gain a bigger buzz. That would lead to a record Deal with NVS Music Group and eventually two single Deals with Universal/Bungalo for his pop hit "She got Swag" and club hit "Ball Like Magic". Now King is producing music in the studio working with indies and major labels to create a new sound to help push music in a new direction. "I want to push the boundaries of hip hop and r&b even pop music and create my own sound that drives the industry". 



Pietro Nannucci 

He is a young kid whose passion for music developed during his last couple of years of high school, a fan of almost every genre and style he began to write and produce his own music as a hobby during his junior year of high school, he is a Division One athlete in college and making music is a hobby he loves to take part in when he isn’t studying or training. He believes that music that makes an impact in people’s day to day life is the most valuable, Music has a message behind it no matter what. “Once you make your own music you’ll understand that it isn’t as easy as it may seem, there is a lot of work that goes into it that others who hear a song simply don’t see.” As a freshmen in college he has a lot going on but he shows us that it is possible to do many things at once if time is managed correctly, “it’s important to stay busy, if your sitting around everyday doing nothing on your phone or computer then you are not going anywhere, I always want to keep growing and learning.” While music may not be what decides to do as a career, it holds a special place in his heart and he hopes others can understand the value music has in our day to day lives. It brings us together


















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