Watcher Of The Trees

Songwriter, Producer

WATCHER OF THE TREES - Anthem to Trees


From the Album / Dall’album: Fireflies in the Wood

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An Old ManTree Production

Track list:

01 Trees of Light at Dawn

02 Watcher of the Trees

03 Trees 04 Trees Are Blooming

05 The Beech and the Birch

06 Standing Still a Stony Trees

07 The Shadows of the Trees

08 The Tree with the Spoon

09 Trees in November

10 The Old ManTree

11 I Remember the Trees

12 Anthem to Trees


I wake up here now

As a small jellyfish

Drifting away In a vast blue ocean

The horizons are lost

At nadir of a new world

In the endless succession of times

Shall I find abode in the Skies?

Moment has come

To go out to see the stars

Moment has come

To see the stars again

© Dario Marconcini


Mi desto qui ora

Come una piccola medusa

Alla deriva

In un immenso oceano blu

Gli orizzonti son perduti

Al nadir di un nuovo mondo

Nell’infinito susseguirsi dei tempi

Nel firmamento troverò dimora?

E’ giunto il momento

D’uscir a riveder le stelle

E’ giunto il momento

Di rivedere le stelle

© Dario Marconcini

An Old ManTree Production

THANKS the video-makers for their generosity to donate the films for the creation of the video clip 'Anthem to Trees'. All the material has been used and modified with the approval of the authors. Below are their videos with credits:

WINTER ICELAND by Anton Bastov & Cheng Yang Drone Pilots: Anton Bastov - Cheng Yang

ICELAND by Edgar Granados Drone Pilots: Edgar Granados - Salva Valero

ICELAND | Amazing Places on Our Planet by Milosh Kitchovitch

ICELAND | Land of Fire and Ice by Sergi Martínez Miró Drone Pilots: Adri Cruz - Miki Moliner


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