6 SEP 2018


chitarra, contrabbasso, kayamba, percussioni, trombone

electric MALOYA 

MALOYA tipico genere musicale provenitene dal isola di Rèunion  


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  • Jay Jay Autore
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    Maloya is one of the two major music genres of Réunion, usually sung in Réunion Creole, and traditionally accompanied by percussion and a musical bow.Maloya is a new form that has origins in the music of African and Malagasy slaves and Indian indentured workers on the island, as has the other folk music of Réunion, séga. World music journalists and non-specialist scholars sometimes compare maloya to the American music, the blues, though they have little in common.Unlike the blues, maloya was considered such a threat to the French state that in the 1970s it was banned.