Watcher Of The Trees

Songwriter, Producer

WATCHER OF THE TREES Fireflies in the Wood 

"Fireflies in the Wood" is the new record work on which Dario Marconcini (Watcher of the Trees) has been working in recent times. It marks the return, after quite a long time, to his origins: writing songs. He feels the need, the urgency of doing it. He perceives this enchanted moment and welcomes it as a signal that dictates the words expressing their emotions and sensations. 

Spending a lot of time in San Giovanni al Monte, in his mountain home, in close contact with nature, walking among the big trees in the silent woods, getting slowly strong energy, thoughts and visions are transformed into music and songs, the ones that do come from the heart and grow day by day thanks to a careful and meticulous research work.

The beauty of the place evokes an imaginary world where the protagonists are the ancient trees that observe the human beings who live their time like little lights, tiny but shining and full of wonderful things. It is divided into the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter in order to represent the stages of a person's life as a metaphor: childhood, youth, maturity and old age. Each season in turn contains three songs having the difficult task of describing it. To summarize the whole thing, the work describes the arrival in the material world (at the beginning of the forest) of a human being represented by his birth, the growth and the vicissitudes of feelings that occur in everyday life until the end of the "journey" (exit of the forest) with the final song, open to interpretation. 

In this work Dario puts, in a real generous way, all his musical experience borrowed from more than forty years of listening to various kinds and active and composed music played. To underline this he cares the arrangements and lyrics of the pieces minutely inserting intentionally musical and literary quotations to pay homage to musicians and writers who delighted him along his path. The disc, published in English, has in its booklet all the lyrics printed with translations into Italian. Also attached to the disc is the short story: "The Tree and the Star", a tale initially written for children but…


Track list:

01 Trees of Light at Dawn

02 Watcher of the Trees

03 Trees 04 Trees Are Blooming

05 The Beech and the Birch

06 Standing Still a Stony Trees

07 The Shadows of the Trees

08 The Tree with the Spoon

09 Trees in November

10 The Old ManTree

11 I Remember the Trees

12 Anthem to Trees